Apocapoc BCN

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We believe in people and in their talents. 

We know that the system as we know it today tries to put us in a box, makes sure we get to know our box perfectly, makes sure we perform well enough in it and encourages that we stay in it.

We want to keep out of the box! We believe we all can make a difference using our many talents. 


If you believe you can think green and keep the style,
If you're happy to be independent, to co-create with like minded people,
If you aim to be good for people, planet, profit,

Our space is your space.


We have a 200m2 multi-functional space where each element perform multiple functions, desks and chairs, workshop space, kitchens, outdoor heaven with fruit trees, a roof garden with a giant sunflower. All of that in an eco-friendly style, done with trash, love and laughter.

The perfect space to create drops of creative ideas and innovative actions in a sea of changes. At Apocapoc BCN, we can take the time to put some meaning in daily choices and moves. See it as a productive playground, a cosy cocoon, a safe place to try, fail, share and make it happen.

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  • Passatge hort dels velluters, 5
    08003 Barcelona